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​From a young age Tohanash shadowed her mother while she sat quietly for hours beading hair ties, lacing shawls and quilting blankets. From the time she could walk, she was dancing at powwows. Now with two children of her own, her attentions have turned from dancing fancy shawl herself, to beading and sewing dance outfits for her children and other relatives. Beadwork has long been a passion of hers and it shows with the care to detail and individuality of each new piece. Creating a sustainable business model based on her passions and abilities, has set Tohanash apart and given her inspiration to continue to share her art. 

Tohanash Tarrant (Founder / Artist)


Nadonis Tarrant (Artist)

Nadonis was born and raised on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation. She comes from a large family of Native artists and educators. Experimenting with color and geometric designs give her the inspiration to create works of art out of simple abstract ideas. A recurring theme found in her work consists of combining traditional designs, contemporary ideas, and urban flair. She believes sharing her ideas in physical wearable art is a way to both teach and keep her traditions alive.


​Matauqus Tarrant (Artist)

Matauqus began his work studying the natural environment of eastern Long Island. Spending his childhood engaged in hunting, fishing. and exploring his ancestral territory. This gave him inspiration to reach further into researching his Eastern Woodland traditions. Eastern Woodland culture has deeply influenced his artistic creations. He is a renowned artist among his people and was given the position as a cultural resource manager within his nation, Shinnecock. From flint knapping, quilling, to organic metals, Matauqus has utilizes the materials around him to create living history pieces. He holds a deep connection with his traditional territory of eastern Long Island and is enriched by contemporary Indigenous culture. His current works emphasize the unique beauty of Shinnecock art culture both past and present.

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